Make Me A Lighthouse

I want to be a lighthouse
For those who don't know God
So I might lead them to You,  Jesus
While here on Earth we trod.

Like a ship out on the ocean,
When  storms toss it off the trail.
That they might see my light
And know just where to sail.

Help me to show my light,  Lord,
So others can plainly see,
Your love is real and good.
Let them see that in me!

Lord,  I know that I'm not worthy,
Of even feeling Your great love.
But I know, too,  that You love me.
And will make me a place above!

Lead me every day, dear Lord,
For while I'm here I want to be,
The lighthouse that sinners use,
To draw them close to Thee!

~ Dot Wilson ~
June 9th, 2006

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2006, ( -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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