Making Of A Diamond

In the furnace of the earth
Lay a black and ugly chunk of coal
Beset by mighty pressure
And intense heat upon its whole.

Intense pressure pushed it upward,
through the mire and mud,
to be touched by Jesus life
and changed by His transforming blood.

No longer black, but clear,
A diamond in the rough
The Holy Spirit took it,
Still opaque and tough;

Marks He made upon it,
According to Godís plan,
As gently He engulfed it
In His skillful hand.

How best to cut and size it
To catch and hold the light
reflecting God the Father
Eíen through the darkest night.

He knew how to set each facet
So it would sparkle most
And reflect the Saviorís image
toward worldly, wicked hosts;

To flash the light of heaven
To send a message clear,
That time is of the essence
And hell is drawing near.

The cutting of the diamond
Causes much grief and pain
But the emerging stone lay silent
Awaiting Godís cut again.

The troubles of the world
Are a worthy blade
To sever self entirely
Where the Spiritís marks are made.

In time it is transformed
By all it has been through
Under tutelage by the Spirit
Unto a stone made anew;

The sparkle cannot come
Without the sear of pain
As conforming cuts are made
Time and time again.

A glistening sparkling diamond shines
Reflecting Godís own fire
To rescue sinners tightly bound
On Satanís hellish pyre.

This bringing to perfection
Lasts throughout your life and mine
Until God calls us home to heaven
Where weíll forever shine.

- Joyce Guy -

The chunk of coal pictures a lost person. Coming to Christ the Savior makes him or her an uncut stone. The trials and tribulations of life are the blades which cuts away all that does not reflect Jesus until the sparkle and fire are brilliant enough to witness to Godís love and power. The light of Christ in the life of a Christian is what draws all men to Him through us.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2004 ( submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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