March onward into battle!

"March onward into battle!"
I heard the Captain say.
I see the forces of our enemy
trembling as I pray.

I look to Him in fear and doubt,
"there's nothing we can do!
Let's stay here in our friendship
and let the forces through."

"Remember who I am, my child.
Now onward you must march.
To fight the lies with Jesus' truth
and shine Him in the dark."

"Then promise me your courage,
your protection and your might,
and I promise with your Word in hand,
I'll draw my sword and fight!"

"My child, I promise nothing
but everything you need
So I'm graning you these shoes of peace
to calm your trembling feet.

"Your enemy will fight with lies,
but do not be decieved.
For as you wear this belt of truth,
you'll know what to believe.

"Your heart is very tender,
but child, be not dismayed
with this breastplate of my righteousness
you'll stand strong and unswayed.

"I'm granting you this shield of faith
that your eyes as mine shall see
that no matter how this war unfolds
In the end I will succeed.

"Take this helmet of salvation
for this war is full of strife,
but should you die in battle,
I have promised you New Life."

"You may not always see me,
but I'm with you, be assured.
This armor will protect you
from the slash of Satan's sword.

"It's getting late, we must march on,"
He said. And I said back,
"You've given me all that I need,
I'll give it all I have."

[ by: Jennifer Caldwell Copyright © 2003 ( -- submitted by: Jennifer Caldwell ]


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