Mark Of Family

In most all of our families
There is a "Mark" of birth.
We look something like our parents,
While we're here on earth.

You have your dad's brown eyes.
Also your mom's blue eyes.
We all have things inherited.
But sometimes it doesn't seem fair!

My brother has Dad's brain.
My sister has Mom's eyes.
I wish I had inherited other,
Than just Aunt Lucy's thighs!

I do have one family mark.
From my heavenly Father above.
He said they can tell His children,
Because our hearts overflow with love!

He said that He would make for us.
A place in Heaven fair.
And He will have it ready,
By the time we enter there!

While we are here on earth,
We have a mark of our Father, it's true!
We strive to keep His written laws.
Like - you love me and I love you.

The Bible says that we can know
Who belongs to God above.
By the way they care for neighbors.
And they love others - because God is Love!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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