Maternal Love

          What a nice word,
          It's not just a word.
          I love your smile
          You're so fragile.
          I love your touch
          I love you so much.

          You're everything to me
          I knew you before I saw you.
          Mother, I adore you.

          You are full of emotion
          You are full of devotion
          Your heart is enormous
          Your love is gorgeous.

          No one is compared to you
          You're my love and only you
          Mother, whatever you do,
          I'll always love you.
          Mother, that's for real,
          Your love is so dear,
          With you, I never fear
          Or even shed a tear
          Mother, keep always near.

          I love everything about you
          I love your smell,
          It's like a ringing bell
          Just to wake me up
          And lets me stop
          From doing any wrong
          You make me strong.

          Mother, whenever you hold me tight
          I remember when you stood all night
          Beside me when I was young.
          You were so generous
          When I was so selfish.

          There's nothing more lovely,
          Than the maternal love
          It comes from God, it comes from above.

          Mother, I know you love me
          Please be sure, I love you too.

          Mother, you are so sweet
          More than the music beat
          Whatever I say, whatever I do,
          My love for you is eternally true.

[ by Dina Kadry -- from 'Themestream' ]


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