Maybe You're Wrong?

When you think you have been so wrong
that the Lord just won't forgive.
Remember He said, I'll remove your sins
and it will last as long as you live!

Mistakes you make, need to be admitted.
Not to others, but to our Lord alone.
Tell Him you're sorry, mean it sincerely.
Then that sin too, shall be gone!

Jesus is so wonderful, He will understand,
and forgive us whenever we fail.
If only we ask in faith, He will forgive,
Even if we ask from a jail!

If you fall to temptation, don't get so uptight.
Fall on your knees and admit your guilt.
Jesus will come and give you assurance.
That His love still covers you just like a quilt!

Put your trust and His love where you'll remember it best.
In your heart let it ever abide.
When temptations come let Him face the test.
You'll find out - He's right by your side!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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