Memory Mall

      A few days before Christmas as I strolled inside the mall,
      I looked in all the windows as I hugged the inner wall.
      Everyone was rushing past me in their haste to shop,
      But I just took my time and by each window I would stop.

      I just looked around the store to see what I could see,
      To see if maybe there was something that would interest me.
      Window shopping is an art and takes some time to do,
      You just can't glance at all the things placed right in front of you.

      At Christmas time I love to stroll the mall to look and see,
      But only after all my gifts are wrapped under the tree.
      This is not real shopping this is just a leisure time.
      To just enjoy the Christmas mood; A time to just unwind.

      I always see some little things they have there on display,
      That jog my mind and make me think of things of yesterday.
      Amazing how so many things will shake your memory,
      When you take the time to stop and see what you can see.

      I stopped there by a jewelry store and saw a cameo,
      It was exactly like the one my Mom wore years ago.
      It was black and oval shaped and had a face of white,
      And it was on a silver chain that sparkled in the light.

      I stopped before an art store with the pictures on the wall,
      And I was just entranced by all the beauty in them all.
      But one stood out that caught my eye; An angel robed in blue,
      She looked so beautiful just like a girl that I once I knew.

      I realized as I walked on so many stores remain,
      I'm not really shopping, it's a trip down memory lane.
      Even in the food court golden arches still shine bright,
      Christmas shopping with my children found us there that night.

      As I walked beside a store I was amazed to see,
      Changing colors spinning round' a silver Christmas tree.
      I just laughed as I remembered we had one of them,
      Everybody had one once and color wheels would spin.

      Then inside the toy store games for every video,
      And a line to buy them all because they want them so.
      Fathers standing there in line with their little boys,
      I wonder as I watch them, do they still make tinker toys?

      Then I saw old Santa Claus sitting in his chair,
      There must have been a hundred people standing in line there.
      Some were happy, some kids had a smile from ear to ear,
      But sadly I saw parents angry because they were here.

      "Stop and smell the flowers" I thought, these times will not last,
      I would love to take my kids again as in the past.
      Take the time to just enjoy this Christmas holiday,
      One day they will all be grown and on their merry way.

      So onward with my visual quest I reached the final store,
      A window with some lights that reached from ceiling to the floor.
      I just stood and looked around the beautiful display,
      Then on a corner shelf something just took my breath away.

      The memories flooded over me and I felt flush I know,
      A little heart shaped music box like I bought long ago.
      It was a trinket music box designed to give a queen,
      And since that day this is the only other one I've seen.

      Well, I said, you take your chances strolling through the mall,
      You cannot pick and choose your thoughts you will remember all.
      So many bring back memories that you stored away for years,
      Most of them are happy but a few will cause you tears.

      The mall is sometimes just like life, the people move so fast,
      And windows are like life it self so quickly moving past.
      But when you take the time to dwell on what there is to see,
      You just may find yourself inside a mall of memory.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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