MILITARY - Pride of America

          You are the pride of America,
          You who go to fight
          To keep our country free
          And stand for what is right.

          You have left your homes and loved ones
          To our perpetual tender care
          Knowing we will meet their needs
          As they all await you here.

          Know too you will be honored
          When once more you grace this land;
          We will proudly receive you home,
          Give you hugs  and shake your hand.

          Just ignore the ignorant rebels
          Who have so disgraced our name
          When they attack your valor,
          And ridicule your fighting fame.

          Just know that the sane all love you;
          That our hearts swell great with pride
          Just thinking of your courage
          As you stem the evil tide.

          Our prayers go to God above
          To protect and honor you,
          For the service you have given
          to your land, Red, White and Blue.

          May you return once more to home
          With body and mind both whole;
          To settle in with loved ones
          Having achieved your goal.

~ Joyce Guy ~

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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