At the end of a long and painful week, when Life had gone astray,
And the twin sins, Spite and Anger, had visited each day...
As my dreams left me abandoned--all alone and in dismay...
I sank, dejected, to my knees--and to the Lord I prayed.

"I could really use a miracle, to fix the things that broke,
To mend the battered friendships, to restore my shattered hopes,
To heal my wounded ego--to patch my broken heart...
It may not happen all at once--but a miracle's a start."

"I could use a chance to redeem myself--to show I really care,
And take the time to prove my worth to loved ones everywhere,
I'd appreciate a little time to try to make amends,
If things I've said or done this week have hurt my dearest friends.

"I'd like to sit and ponder on my blessings, large and small...
And thank you, Lord, for my great wealth (and for loving me at all)...
I promise I'd appreciate the ones I hold most dear...
If you could grant me one more chance, then I could persevere."

The Lord took pity on me... and in response to my appeal...
Said, "I know you want a miracle--instead, let's strike a deal.
I'll send a glistening sunrise--each and every day,
I'll grant you hours--twenty-four--to spend in work or play.

"Use the clouds to wipe your slate clean--of hurt and spite and pain,
Rinse the anger from your memories--with the mist and falling rain.
Wash your hands of hate and insult--with the sparkling morning dew,
Use the brand new day I give you--and start your life anew."

"Each new dawn brings possibilities--endless in their range...
For forgiveness, love and caring--and for honest, heartfelt change.
Use the means that I provide you--they'll help to guide you through...
I'll furnish all the tools you need--but the miracle's up to you."

[ By: Deb Simmons, Copyright 1995 -- via '2TheHeart']


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