Missing You at Christmas

You've gone to live with Jesus,
But I miss you quite a lot
And think about you often,
My heart tied in a knot.

Though I miss you all the time
Christmas season is the worst
I see many happy people
While my heavy heart could burst.

I look upon the Christmas tree
Its lights all aglow
And wish you were here to share it
That you hadn't had to go.

But as I think about it
I can't remain so sad
For you are there in glory,
With every reason to be glad.

I sing a Christmas carol
And feel you hold my hand
As you did when you were present
In this far off distant land.

I lay a special gift for you
Beneath the Christmas tree,
Then I will take it out and give it
To some hurting soul like me.

How can I be sad that you are gone
When you are full of joy,
And worship Him in person,
God's perfect baby boy.

The love you gave is present
And always comforts me;
It warms my life and fills my heart
With wonderful memories.

Christmas is a pleasant time
Of peace and joy and love,
I know we'll still share it
When I join you above.

So, my love, I'll dry my eyes
And wipe away the tears,
For I'll be with you again
At the end of all my years.

This lovely Christmas season,
I'll be strong for you this year,
as you look down from Heaven,
I'll count my blessings dear.

- Joyce Guy -

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2003 ( submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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