Moment By Moment With Him

Sometimes we so easily forget,
How unpredictable our lives may be,
We make plans for our tomorrows and our futures,
Not realizing they could change instantly,

Then one day, you wake up, and it happens,
Something occurs that's not at all like you've planned,
Your life has now taken a new direction,
And it may be difficult for you to understand.

God never promised that we'd never have struggles,
That there would always be sunshine and not rain,
But He said He'd never leave nor forsake us,
And with His presence we will forever be sustained.

When God takes us from the height of the mountain,
And then places us in the valley of despair,
It's here we can learn total dependence,
Upon the One who will always be there.

Oftentimes it's only through the midst of the trials,
We see God works in ways we'd never have dreamed,
He accomplishes so much beyond our understanding,
And now things may not be at all what they'd seemed.

We may not know why God allowed such a hardship,
We must learn to trust in the One who knows best,
For our future is seen by Him only,
And in Him we can confidently rest.

So when the unexpected may arise in our lifetime,
And the way God is leading seems dim,
May we face it not ONE DAY at a time,
But instead, MOMENT BY MOMENT with Him.

- Linda Lee Wolovich -

This poem was written after my 11 year old son was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. It makes you realize how precious life is, that nothing is ever guaranteed, and we have to face life each day not in our strength, but only in His.

[ by: Linda Lee Wolovich Copyright © 2004 ( -- submitted by: Linda Lee Wolovich ]


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