More Than Enough

Our Lord gives us life forever,
And the choice of Heaven or Hell.
The way to Heaven is free to all,
And the way we should know well.

Only through Jesus, the Son of God.
And it's for all, the rich and the poor.
But the only way you can get there.
Is through Jesus the only Door!

If Jesus forgives all your sins
And you ask Him into your heart,
You have a new life from that moment on,
And from Him you'll never part!

His life had no beginning because
He was, He is, and will Be!
Always and forever there with us
Through out all eternity!

Life without ending, love with no bounds.
What a glorious thought that brings!
Living with Him through all the years ?!!
Oh! There's no wonder my happy heart sings!

- Dot Wilson -

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2004, ( -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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