Move Me Out Of The Way, Lord

I run to the front
To take the control
But in the end
It's harm to my soul.

I must be in charge
I think I know best
"It's my life," I say.
I'm leading the quest.

Who knows me better
Than I know me
Though you look
You do not see.

There's only one
Who truly sees me
He knows who I am
And who I could be

The author and finisher
Of my holy faith
The love of my life
He receives all my praise

He truly sees me
The intent of my heart
He understands all
He sees not in part

The depth of His love
For this wretched mean
It boggles my mind
So I don't understand

Why I insist
On running my life
When in the end
It cuts like a knife

When I look upon
The wreckage I've wrought
It all came to ruin
It all came to naught

It's come to the point
Where All I can say
Is move me, dear Lord
Move ME out of the way

Make me decrease
Make me small
Make me, in the end
The least of all

Subdue my ego
O' Lord bind my pride
Have your way, Father
Just move me aside

To you be the glory
Creator of life
The author of peace
Moderator of strife

Flesh cries to be seen
Pride desires to be known
But I know the glory
Is yours alone.

So, Lord hear my plea and answer me true.
Keep me from running ahead of you.
Move me to the rear, drive me to my knees.
Lead me to the light, move me Father, please.

~Norris K. Oler~

[ by: Norris K. Oler, © 2008 ( -- submitted by: Norris K. Oler ]


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