I Must Go Shopping

          My Kindness shelf is almost bare,
          I'm getting low on Love,
          Completely out of Thankfulness…
          Must send for more above.

          I should exchange some Jealousy,
          I didn't order that!
          I need a box of Tolerance,
          For mine seems rather flat!

          Oh yes, I must put on my list,
          The fragrance of God's Peace,
          I need a big supply of Joy,
          Before my needs increase.

          I noticed Patience is on sale…
          I need so much today.
          It looks becoming anytime,
          And mine is telltale grey.

          Humility is terribly rare…
          I can't afford it now.
          But Oh, my stock is almost bare,
          I'll pay for it somehow!

          My Sense of Humor is a mess,
          It should be repaired today.
          My flask of Goodness lost its zest,
          Somewhere along the way.

          Extravagant is my shopping list?
          I wonder how I'll pay?
          I can't afford to skimp or save…
          So, I must shop -- TODAY!

[ Author Unknown -- Ed: Anon. -- from Kim ]


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