My and Me

My mind seems to have rendered all power
As I strain for His high Tower--

My thoughts too often get in the way
Of what I'm trying to say.

There was a time when my senses clicked
Now it's seems easier to quit--

Before I can hope to take up a task
The thought necessitates rest.

I tell the Lord and beg for His Help
I fear I'm obsessed with self--

My words seem to be all I can grasp
Before they fall into the past.

Then I stare at my windows and walls
As they emit an eerie pall--

I ask Him to salvage both of us
If not Him who can I trust?

My bed has become my nesting place
My whole life is a disgrace--

Most of what I salvage falls within
Be it brain or Satan's whim.

I used to plan all my days and hours
Now just the thought makes me tired--

I fear heaven has no place for me
For I'm as gullible as Eve.

The fire that spreads all over my skin
Is no doubt ruled by my sin--

The antidote I'd most likely vote
Would be like Joseph's bright coat.

The lively colors could motivate me
Like the birds that bring me glee--

Help me avoid my self-possessed pity
To spend more time on my knees

I know the effort will give great release
Allowing self-obsession to cease.

[ by cebs (03/12//01) -- from ]


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