Angel mother and child.

My Angel

            All my life I've been searching,
            trying to make my life whole.
            For something to fulfill me,
            and to satisfy my soul.

            I looked at all the wrong things,
            in all the wrong faces.
            In all the wrong directions,
            and in all the wrong places.

            Then God sent me an Angel
            who would help change my life.
            I soon grew to love her
            so I made her my wife.

            She led me to a place
            where the change would begin.
            Where my heart fills with love
            and I can cast off my sin,

            Now I give praise to the Lord
            for my search is at end.
            God sent me an Angel,
            a soul-mate, a friend.

~ William M. Chambers ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: William M. Chambers, Copyright © 2010, ( ) -- from: William Chambers ]

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