My Awakening

I know I'm not the Christian,
You would have me be.
Neither am I the parent
that You would like to see.

But, Lord, I'm really willing,
to be these things for You,
it's just that I don't know,
what You would have me do.

Our children face an awful world,
if You don't soon return.
To get the wisdom to teach and guide,
we're willing Lord to learn.

Some of us are listening, Lord,
if we are only fed,
with ways of making our world better,
to face the time ahead.

Help us to arm our children,
with basic things of You,
like Your Holy Word and prayer,
so they'll know what to do.

If we remain a few more years,
upon Your beautiful Earth,
help us, Lord, to let them know,
the need for a brand new birth.

I'm looking for You any day,
it could be any hour.
but, until You come, be ever near,
and fill us with Your power.

When our families aren't around us,
but other folks are near,
help us, Lord, to tell them, too,
what You would have them hear.

Maybe what You want from us,
the thing we really lack,
is the deep-down belief ourselves
that You are coming back!

If we truly did believe,
wouldn't we always try,
to keep folks from going to Hell,
as they go rushing by?

It scares me, Lord, because I feel,
Your coming is so near.
For still they are unsaved,
too many people that I hold dear.

I must somehow make them see,
they must be saved right now, tonight.
Sweet Lord, You've really made me see,
You may come before morning light!

[ by Dot Wilson -- from 'Themestream' ]


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