My Bridegroom

My Bridegroomís coming for me,
And Iím making preparation.
I know not the day and time Heíll come,
But Iím watching with anticipation.

He promised to return for me,
When He left so long ago.
Heís preparing for me a better place,
And itís marvelous, I know.

I was blessed when He chose me,
For my life was such a mess.
He forgave me all my sinful past,
When my sins I did confess.

Heís the Prince I have dreamed about,
Since I was just a child.
He rescued me and saved me,
For He considered me worthwhile.

When I accepted His proposal,
He robed me in a gown of white.
It was a symbol of His righteousness,
And it covered my every blight.

I am dressed, ready and waiting,
Because Heís coming just for me.
Weíll be joined together in marriage,
Which will endure eternity.

It will be a celebration,
Of grandeur and perfect love.
When Jesus, my Savior and Bridegroom,
Calls His bride the church above.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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