My Child

I loved you for so many months
Before you were even born,
I talked and sang and read to you
And kept you safe and warm.

And when you opened first your eyes
And looked deeply into my soul,
My heart grew full, and with great relief,
I saw that you were whole.

Your tiny little bitsy fist,
Wrapped tight around my thumb,
The trust you placed upon me,
Struck me completely dumb.

How awesome was your little smile
That spoke of your dreams to me,
So trusting as you slowly nursed,
So dependant, relaxed and free.

Committed I myself to you,
As protector, friend and guide,
And watched you grow, a tender shoot,
Close ever by my side.

How shocked was I when the death angel came
And bore you to heavenís home,
To fill a spot in Godís own heart,
And with Jesus talk and roam.

Please know, my child, how my heart breaks
That you have gone away;
Yet the love you opened up to me
Will last through judgment day.

Amid my grief my life goes on;
I learned so much from you:
How to trust my Heavenly Father
In everything I do.

Some great day when my life is done,
According to Godís plan;
Iíll bring my broken heart to you
And it will be whole again.

I thank my Lord for lending you,
In the way He did, to me.
For He used you as a building block
To my own eternity.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {for SkyWriting.Net} ]


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