My Colors Never Run

September 11, 2001 (Tuesday) - For all victims of the terrorism tragedy in the United States of America.

You have seen me in this nation
And in countries worldwide
I show who I am
With dignity and pride

I've flown on beaches
And in trenches with every race
I've made it to the moon
When I flew in outer space

I have seen every battlefield
That there is to see
I have flown proudly for sons and daughters
Who believed in my dignity

I stand for America
The greatest nation on earth
And again I shall fly proudly
To show my nation's worth

My stars represent a nation
That is united as one
And NO ONE on earth
Will ever make my colors run

I am loved by many
I am feared by many more
I am a piece of cloth
Who guides my nation in war

I was there in Germany
I also flew in Guam
I led my nation in Korea
I was there in Vietnam

I will lead my nation
As I have always done
I stand for Freedom
Because my colors never run

I will give HOPE
As I have done all my life
For every man child and woman
For every husband and wife

My stars fly gallantly
For the states in the USA
My stripes are for the colonies
We've come a long way

I've been saluted and honored
From shore to shore
Some call me "Old Glory"
A name I adore

I am HOPE, for ONE nation
The land from where I came
America the beautiful


[ Sharon Bryant, © 2001 (1946@bellsouth.net) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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