Christ crucified on the cross.

My Crucified Lord

        So many years His love went unnoticed
        Not understanding He had set me free
        Little knowing I didnít have to carry a burden
        Sin it had no longer had power over me!

        Scourged with hurt, aching under my cross
        Streams of sanctifying grace, I refused to see
        That mingled with a precious Blood so divine
        And flowed down that cross to envelop me!

        A cross I despised, now my greatest blessing
        Shows me a love Iíd never have known
        Helps me understand Gods ultimate sacrifice
        Know even in my darkest hour, Iím never alone!

        Each bleeding wound, you made it your own
        Each tear I shed, trickled down your face too,
        Each hurt I renewed, hurt you also my Lord,
        It wasnít just me who bled, it was you!

        I see you now wiping the stain of sin away
        I watch you cleansing the years of pain
        As each time I apply your Blood on this sin,
        Life in abundance, life anew I gain!

        My hearts greatest desire is to never forget
        That each cross I carry, you carry it too
        I have only to claim your Blood over me
        Your Spirit - my soul, body and heart will renew!

~ Judy Doyle ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2010 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]

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