My Dad

      You were not there when I was born, you didn't get to see
      the haircut I gave my sister when she was just about three....

      You missed a lot of milestones - birthdays, boo-boos, and such,
      But as for what's important - you really didn't miss much.

      You came into my life when I was feeling confused and sad,
      It took a while to adjust, but you soon became my dad.

      It couldn't have been easy, teenagers never are,
      We stayed out late, we got in trouble, we pushed you way too far.

      We never thought you'd stick around, you certainly didn't have to -
      If our own father couldn`t do it, we thought, then why would you?

      It may have taken a little while for us to get things right,
      But luckily we all decided to try with all our might!

      You gave me away at my wedding, which meant the world to me -
      You are #1 Papa to my kids, which you will always be!

      You are very much my "real dad," biological or not -
      For all the things that make a dad are all the things you've got!

      A poem cannot begin to explain all that we've been through -
      But I want you to know that with all my heart, I love you!

Being part of a blended family is not easy, but the
blending can happen and the rewards can be wonderful!
Jenn's poem for her step-dad is for all the step-dad's.

[ Jennifere Blakeney Borjeson, © 2001 ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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