My Daddy

          Just a good ol' boy from North Carolina
          As country as could be
          Packed his bags, jumped in his car
          And headed to Tennessee.

          Fresh out of school, he went to work
          At the local KFC
          Frying chicken, working hard
          The way that it should be.

          One day he asked a sweet little lady
          Who worked there just for fun,
          Do you know any nice girls?
          She said, "No, not one.

          But one day that little lady's daughter
          Decided to stop by,
          And that lovely blond daughter
          Caught that Carolina boy's eye.

          The lovely daughter had two little girls
          And a cozy little home,
          But due to circumstances
          The lady was alone.

          So the Carolina boy
          Asked the lady for a date
          I guess the rest is history
          Or you could call it fate.

          The two of them got married
          And began a brand new life
          The Carolina boy now had two daughters
          And a lovely new wife.

          Things weren't always perfect
          As every family knows
          You have your share of ups and downs
          You have your grief and woes.

          Through it all, looking back
          I can say with a happy smile
          The memories we made along the way
          Were worth every mile.

          Of all the gifts life has given me
          And all the treasures I have had
          One of the greatest is the Carolina boy,
          That I proudly call my Dad.

          All my love,
          Traci (your big girl)

~ Traci  Walker ~
<jtcwalker at>

The Story Behind the Poem - My Daddy

[ by: Traci Walker, Copyright © 2008 ( jtcwalker at ) -- {used with permission} ]

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