Mother's quote: 'Once a Mom always a Mom. No matter how grown the kids are, they will always be your precious babies in your eyes'.

My Daughter

For my three beautiful girls.

When a child is born so is a mother,
She will care for you as no other.
When I looked into your beautiful eyes,
I loved you more than I realized.

Overwhelmed with joy of holding you in my arms,
My heart has melted with your charm.
Mom has a love so unconditionally true,
A love that comes from God to you.

I am tickled pink and happy to say,
You will be my baby all of my days.
We will journey through the laughter and the tears,
I promise to be with you through the years.

So now my precious daughter one day you will understand,
When you hold your baby safely in your hands.
My love for you will last through all eternity,
Take what you have learned:Love your baby as I have loved thee.

~ Patty Faye Locklear ~
Copyright © 2013
All Right Reserved
[ by: Patty F. Locklear, Copyright © 2013, ( ) -- submitted by: Patty Locklear ]

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