Stairs leading leading up to Heaven.

My Dream

I dreamed of a fantastic place of beauty;
A place of perfect peace to the soul,
A place of everlasting joyful life,
A place of forever safe and whole.

I looked to the sky rubbing my eyes;
A singing band of angels flew by.
Flapping their wings, in loves whisperings;
"Holy, Holy, Holy", they cried.

I looked down at a street of pure gold;
Reflecting this beautiful place.
So crystal clear, I drew very near;
Beholding the smile on my face.

In shock I saw a radiant river;
Gently flowing from a great thrown.
Under its waters, flowers were blooming;
Dazzling colors yet to be known.

Shining angels in white opened a vile;
Out came sweet incense and praise.
Out came men's cries, like stars in the skies.
With mouth opened, I stood so amazed.

I beheld a great rainbow, a beaming;
Surrounding the thrown of the Lord.
Floating prayers of men, like fireflies;
They sparkled like diamonds to the eyes.

The Lord collected each one with love.
Like precious jewels, He listened with care.
Whisperings of prayers, so filled the air.
A wind of love blew by, as He heard them cry.

I witnessed the prayers of earthly men;
Touch the very heart of our loving Lord.
I watched the blowing wind of His lips;
Send answers, to cries heard from the world.

I heard cries of repentance, of regret;
Cries of worship, praise and of song.
Sparkling prayers around His thrown;
Forever day, forever long.

I saw a vicious beast rise up;
Accusing the children of the day.
Jesus, held out His palms and quoted the Psalms.
And said,"Their sins have been washed away."

I fell to my knees and I worshiped;
List'ning to music so stirring, moved.
Grateful for love, sent from the dove;
Surrounded by peace, I felt soothed.

My dreamed stamped my heart with its memory;
God loves fallen men in their sin.
For God sent His Son, in love this was done;
To have a relationship, with Him.

Your prayers to Him are like diamonds.
He longs to hear your voice and your call.
Trust Him today, to wash sin away;
And make Him your Lord and your All.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Susan Y Nikitenko, Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Susan Y Nikitenko ]

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