My Faith

I would like to talk with you,
About a battle I'm going through.
I don't blame anyone one but me,
My faith is weak, you see.

The reason my faith is so weak,
I don't attend church every week.
As for reading my bible everyday,
I don't, I'm ashamed to say.

Many times trials come my way,
It seems like most everyday.
I don't pray as the bible tells us,
So I have no right to go and fuss.

The good news I can tell you now,
To the Lord I will humbly bow.
His arms will be reaching for me,
And His love, I will plainly see.

If I continue living in His love,
Soon I will be in Heaven above.
This is a day I'm longing to see,
Through eternity, with Jesus I'll be.

Even though now my faith is weak,
It may be strong come next week.
By going to church like I should,
Faith will grow as Jesus said it would.

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2002 ( -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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