My Grandson, Lord

Lord, I ask you please to help him,
This confused and tattered little boy,
Who seeks a kindly father image
To help him walk in manly joy.

His father ran away, you see,
Before he entered into life,
To avoid taking responsibility
For a brand new child and wife.

His mom has done what she can do
To raise a proper little man,
But Timmy needs a male role model
To take him by the hand:

Someone to teach him how to fish,
Which he dearly loves to do,
And also teach him how to give
His heart and life to you.

A time or two a man from Church
Has really tried to help,
He and his wife took interest in
This fatherless little whelp.

Their few months of attention
Improved my grandsonís view of life,
Until their own little baby came
To this dear man and wife.

My loving little grandson
was left behind once again;
The pain was fresh inside his eyes,
Rejected by another man.

Lord, please send some strong man along
To stand in a daddyís place,
To help him finish growing up,
Enriched by your own Grace.

Do your work within his heart
And take the hurt away,
So he will be a Christ-like man,
And daddy, too, someday.

He is my precious grandson, Lord,
And I leave him now with you,
You have the perfect Fatherís heart,
Youíll know what to do.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {for SkyWriting.Net} ]


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