My Haven

          Oh, how sweet is a quiet porch,
          where shines the morning sun;
          a little dog to give her paw
          in greeting when day's begun.

          Whirring wings of a hummingbird
          on one of his countless trips ...
          alighting on his tiny perch,
          he drinks in hungry sips.

          In woods below, spring gobbler roams,
          alerting those who hear.
          New to this friendly neighborhood,
          a pheasant's morning cheer.

          Amidst the blossoming dogwoods
          and redbud's gorgeous hue,
          harmonious notes of joyous birds
          sing out, "This one's for you!"

          Old Bible's open on my lap, inviting me to feast.
          Like the hummer, I perch here hungrily,
          where the Bread of Life fills me
          in this haven of peace.

~ Connie Faust ~
Copyright © 2008, All Rights Reserved

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul."  (from Psalm 23)

[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2008 (beracah1 @ -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]

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