Young girl reading her Bible.

My Holy Bible

          At times when I feel oh so low
          I clutch my bible near
          At times when I feel oh so scared
          My bible is so dear
          And then there's times when I am glad
          And my bible shouts with praise
          But regardless of the way I feel
          I will read it all my days
          For it to me was given
          By my Lord who waits above
          It is filled with all his Holiness
          His might and special love
          Through Saints I see his precious face
          And feel His arms of love
          But face to face I will see my Lord
          When He takes me home above

~ Cheryl A. Mariano ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Cheryl A. Mariano, Copyright © 2010 ( ) - submitted by: Cheryl A. Mariano ]

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