My Journey

            Now I'm with the Angels
              I'm singing everyday...
            No more sickness or pain,
              I'm happy in every way.
            I've taken my final journey
              this earth no more to roam,
            I've gone to be with Jesus...
              Heaven is my new home.
            It was very hard to leave you,
              for I loved you so...
            But my Lord had bid me
              to come,
            It was time for me to go.

            With Jesus by my side
              forever I will abide..
            A new life to explore,
              on those happy Golden Shores.
            So weep for me no more,
              for I'm where I want to be.
            I've gone to where I longed for..
              My Lord to be with Thee.
            So have no fears,
              And shed few tears...
            For my life has begun anew,
              I'll be waiting and
            Watching for you.

~ Claudine Ginther ~

[ by: Claudine Ginter, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: Claudine Ginter ( ]


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