My Kind of Morning

I went outside this morning

just to feel the crisp fall air,

As snowflakes started drifting down,

that's when I saw You there ~

You were gazing at the stately pine

now dressed in dusty white,

And feeding sparrows from Your hand,

As You showed Your gentle might ~

Your smile reflected tenderness

As You watched the squirrels at play,

I felt a warmth from inside out

when at last You looked my way ~

I saw the twinkle in Your eye

as You nodded toward the fawn,

And You danced as if to music

when the rooster welcomed dawn ~

You laughed out loud at chipmunks

and the grumpy old raccoon,

Who was startled when the sunshine

replaced the morning moon ~

You came to me with open arms,

a grin upon Your face;

Yes, I stepped outside this morning,

and was greeted with Your Grace.

[ Bonnie Church © 2001 ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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