Woman praying by a stream.

My Legacy

I want to lead a life that is pleasing to God.

It seems the years are quickly passing by,
One day my legacy will be left behind,
Memories of days past and gone,
What kind of memories will carry on?

My life is a reflection of what I used to be,
What kind of examples did I leave?
Could anybody see Jesus living through my life,
Or was I filled with resentment hate and strife?

If I met someone who was feeling sad and low,
Did I lend a hand to pick them up as on my way I go?
Was I good to those in need,
Or was my heart filled with greed?

Did I lead a Christ filled life,
Or close my eyes and pass Jesus by?
Was I kind to everyone,
Or take the time to glorify the son?

Now I am contented that my life was worthwhile,
And I can leave this world with a smile,
Knowing as I walked along my way,
I helped someone have a better day.

~ Patty Locklear ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Patty Locklear, Copyright © 2010 ( patty.locklear@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Patty Locklear ]

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