My Light At Dawn

In the early morning hours
Before the break of dawn
I spend this time of peace and quiet
Just God and me alone.

The beauty of His creation
The stars and moon still bright
Only He, my Lord and Savior
Could have painted such a sight.

I take this time to pray to Him
And praise His glorious name
And if by chance I miss this time
My day's just not the same.

And as I live my daily life
He's always in my heart
He gives me strength to carry on
If my own world falls apart.

He helps me when I'm down and weak
And despair is all I see
He reaches out and draws me back
His arms encircle me.

The joy and peace that He can give
Is just within your grasp
Invite Him into your heart today
You simply have to ask.

So if your life seems empty
And your days aren't clear and bright
Make some time to spend with Him
For God is dawn's first light.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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