My Little Angel

      I have a little angel and sheís with me all the time.
      I know that she is special and I know that she is mine.
      God chose her for my angel to be with me every day.
      It seems she knows just what I think and what Iím going to say.

      She monitors my daily life and walks lifeís road with me.
      Sheís always here beside me even though I cannot see
      her face, her wings, her halo; theyíre invisible to all.
      And when I need her most of all, I never have to call.

      On days when Iím unhappy, she whispers in my ear,
      "Remember I am with you and Iím here to bring you cheer.
      With the two of us together we will always make it through,
      So put a smile upon your face, thereís no need to feel blue."

      On days when I have problems, she will gently take my hand.
      I think "Iíll never solve them," but she tells me "yes, you can."
      She believes in me and lifts me up when I think I cannot cope.
      She is my ray of sunshine and sheís here to give me hope.

      On days when I feel wonderful, I know she feels the same.
      My heart is full of peace and joy and Iím so glad she came.
      She came into my life one day and she helps my spirit soar.
      God knew what He was doing when He sent her to my door.

      God thoughtfully picks the angels He sends to each of us,
      For there are certain angels who have a special touch.
      As Godís children we are special and His love is ever true.
      So to you "my little angel," I thank God for sending me you.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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