My Mother

You carried me for many months
Just beneath your heart;
In preparation for the life
Your new born child would start.

Your mother's heart watched over me,
As I grew these many years,
And during my trials and troubles
You bathed my path with tears.

You helped me to adulthood grow
With values I hold dear;
And taught me how to face my doubts,
And overcome my fears.

Our life has been so closely knit
And to each other tied,
By the bond of a mother's wonderful love
That would not be denied.

Now you have gone to be with Jesus,
The Christ whom we both love.
My heart already misses you
As you worship up above.

But I thank my God for giving us
The love that we both share;
And for the comfort that you know
While praising Him up there.

I thank you for the time we spent
Together you and I
And one day I will come to you
In God's heavenly home on high.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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