My New Year Prayer For You

In the coming year here's my prayer for you
May your days be meaningful and true
In all you do may you find success
And may your every hour be blessed

May your table be laden with daily delights
May your bed give contentment thru the night
In the workplace may you feel secure
And relationships have the strength to endure

When you're feeling troubled and see no end
May you find the comfort of a friend
And when you're happy and full of hope
Share it with all who helped you to cope

Times of pain and strife will come your way
And you don't think you'll make it thru the day
May you never give in to defeat or fear
As your heavenly Father has you in His care.

May an attitude of gratitude be your goal
To keep you healthy,strong, and whole
May you remember as you travel over the miles
To make someone happy with your smiles.


[ by: Eileen T. Waldron -- from 'Themestream' ]


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