My Only Consolation - (Virgina Tech)

Then: (watching you leave for college)
Single strands of light
Fell like feathers
From the sky
Tossing and tumbling
As you waved
Your last goodbye.
Now: (mourning your abrupt demise)
Single notes of music
Fall like swollen tears
From the violin
Grinding and scathing
For they realize
I'll not see you.. again.
Tomorrow: (clinging to our future)
My only consolation
Adamantly remains
The hope of glory within:
I know beyond the shadow
Of the naysayers' doubt
We shall, indeed.. meet again.

“Our hope of you is steadfast,
knowing that, as you are partakers
of the sufferings, so also then,
are you partakers of the comfort.”
2 Corinthians 1:7

~ Rhonda S. Galizia ~
Copyright © 2007
All Rights Reserved.

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   ~ St. Matthew 13:52 ~

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