My Pride and Joy

I'm proud to be and American,

and proud to be God's child.

I will be thankful always,

that He sent His Son, so meek and mild!

He gave Himself, as a ransom.

He knew just what was best.

Now He takes our sins and throws them,

As far as the East is from the West!

All you must do is be sorry.

Ask Jesus to take your sins away.

Tell Him you want to live for God.

Then read your Bible every day!

The Son is now my Savior.

He saved me from my sin.

Now He is always with me,

I'm so glad I asked Him in!

Our precious Jesus will keep us,

Tied to His heartstrings of love.

Till this life on Earth is over.

Then we'll meet Him in Heaven above!

[ by Dot Wilson -- {used with permission} ]


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