My Rainbow

The day was dark and dreary.
Black clouds were all around.
Lightning flashed, thunder rolled,
as torrents of rain fell to the ground.

I had so many tasks at work.
I felt I would never get done.
Days like this will get me down,
for I always miss the sun.

The sunlight brightens up my day
as it lightens up my soul.
Dark and dreary days like this
always make me feel so cold.

I did not remember Godís promise.
That He is only a prayer away.
I should have stopped and asked Him
to help me face this dreary day.

When at last my day was over
and I headed home in the rain.
I prayed, dear Lord, oh lift me up.
Please send sunlight once again.

And just before I reached my home,
an amazing sight caught my eye.
For there in the most brilliant colors
lay a double rainbow in the sky.

In all my years upon this earth,
Iíve never seen such a gorgeous sight.
The colors were all so magnificent.
They couldíve lit up the darkest night.

I knew that God had heard my prayer.
And I know you all will agree.
He showed His wondrous love and care
with the rainbow He painted for me.

This actually happened on 02-19-02.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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