My Resurrection Day

Before my resurrection,
I suffered so much pain,
My face set like a flint,
I knew what I would gain.

There was Judas,
who betrayed me with a kiss,
He sold me out,
now heaven he will miss.

Peter denied he knew me,
and so he cursed,
It's hard to really say,
what had hurt me worse.

I prayed in the garden,
to my Father up on high,
to let the cup pass from me,
If I were not to die.

I prayed Father not my will,
but thy will be done,
I came to earth to die,
so sinners would be won.

It was time for me to die,
hanging on a cross,
I paid the price I had to pay,
so that none be lost,

I know there will be some,
who will reject my love,
Their hearts just like a stone,
but I'm gentle as a dove.

They put me in a tomb,
then they walked away,
Then after three days,
It was my "Resurrection day."

I went back to my Father,
where I had been before,
and since my resurrection,
I became "The Door."

Now every year at Easter,
Celebrate "Jesus Christ,"
remember He's the only one,
who could pay that price.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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