My Secret Garden

          There is a place of beauty,
          That God made with His hands.
          I call it  My Secret Garden ,
          That s greener than all green lands.
          A place of wonder,
          With grass so high.
          Colorful flowers,
          Beneath the bluest sky.
          A place of peace,
          A place of prayer.
          The strong winds blowing,
          All through the air.
          With trees so tall,
          The sun so bright,
          Glistening dew,
          And birds a flight.
          I look up to my God above.
          Bending on my knees.
          And He looks upon His child,
          Standing in the breeze.

~ Autumn Marie Bentham ~

[ by: Autumn Marie Bentham, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from Autumn Bentham ]


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