My Shepherd

When I make the Lord my Shepherd,
He leaves nothing more to want.

He leads me out of my wilderness
To a place where I can feed and rest.

He calms the storms within
And heals my wounded heart.

When choosing to follow His instruction,
I stop trying to sit on His throne.

Then, I can walk through the storm
Knowing evil can't touch me.

His presence becomes so real
All else is barely noticed.

He directs my every step
So all landmines are missed.

His Spirit swells up within me,
My heart overflows with joy ...

And the love of God
Begins to exude through me.

It is then that I truly
Dwell in the Lord's House.

And now, I can't imagine having
Chosen to live any other way.

~ © 2007 by Joyce C. Lock ~

[ by: Joyce C. Lock Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Joyce C. Lock ]


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