Beautiful sunburst and clouds

My Soul's Reflection

          Twilight beckons, I gaze up
          To behold a beautiful sky
          An amazing spectrum, magnificent hues
          I emit a wondrous sigh!

          I look with awe at abounding beauty
          Watch the birds take flight
          Across a kaleidoscope of colors
          The merging of day and night.

          I find an answer in that beauty
          A promise to make me whole
          For in that canvas I do find
          A keen reflection of my soul

          A reflection you may ask
          How can that ever be?
          Read on and you will find
          The answer that was me.

          Impending nights faint black streaks
          A reflection of my sorrow
          That has me questioning valiantly
          Would there ever be a tomorrow?

          Dark purple hues slashed across
          Stark evidence of my pain
          That has me asking why go on
          For nothing would I gain

          Red hues close to the horizon
          Evidence of my creator no less
          Representing the crimson stains
          That have etched my life's canvas.

          Pondering on life s vicissitudes
          I find an amazing orange hue
          Is it a promise from the sun himself
          That somewhere something's due?

          What could it be ? I ask
          For nothing at all seems right
          The waves of pain envelope me
          The day seems dark as night.

          Are those yellow hues I see
          Whose beauty I cant explain
          Is it an assurance perhaps
          That the sun will shine again?

          As if in answer through the tapestry
          Peeks the faintest trace of blue
          The pain and sorrow slowly recede
          For sweet hope springs anew.

          I bow my head, say a prayer of thanks
          I m sure I will see the morn
          For now I know without a doubt
          My soul endures, it will go on!

~ Judy Doyle ~

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]


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