Two pretty hearts and the words: 'For My Valentine'.

My Special Valentine

When I first saw you,
I noticed your beautiful smile,
I really wanted to talk to you,
But I knew it would take a while.

Then that day finally happened,
And you came into my life,
And I was so very proud,
When you made me your wife.

The years have been so happy,
We have so much to share,
And that is why I do know,
How much you really care.

So you are my special valentine,
And I hope I'm yours too,
But just remember one thing,
There's no one as wonderful as you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Debbie Bongiovanni ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Debbie Bongiovanniust, Copyright © 2012 ( -- submitted by: Debbie Bongiovanni ]

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