My Talk With The Lord

      Lord, I'd like for us to talk a little while if that's ok.
      I have some things that I really do need to ask and say.
      First of all, I want to thank you for dying in my place.
      When I think about this, I just want to hide my face.

      Lord, can you tell me why you would do this for me?
      I honestly can't think of any reason, help me to see.
      It's just so unbelievable that someone who had no sin,
      Would take mine upon Himself, knowing where I had been.

      Lord, you know that I don't deserve you, not at all.
      Many times I would turn my back on you, then I'd fall.
      How can it be that you keep taking me back over and over again?
      I don't know of anyone who would do this, not even one friend.

      Your love is the sweetest thing I'll ever experience.
      Through your love, is how I found my deliverance.
      I may not ever understand why you love me so,
      but I believe when I reach Heaven, I will know.

      Even though I don't deserve you, I do thank you.
      I thank you for taking me in, even though my sins you knew.
      I feel so broken hearted that you had to suffer so.
      I want to say that I deeply thank you, this I hope you know.

      Lord, I'm not too good with words, as I'm sure you can see,
      But I do hope that you know I appreciate your love for me.
      I've told you many a times of how much I love you,
      But I'm sure you've wondered quite a bit, if it was true.

      I'm sorry Lord for turning away from you like I did those times,
      I felt sorta like I had commented many a crimes.
      I was so ashamed for doing you dirty like that, really I was.
      Coming back to you makes a difference in my life, it sure does.

      You know Lord, I was thinking what it would be like if today,
      I were in heaven and you came up to me, what would you say?
      Would you say you were well please with how I lived down here,
      Or would you say, "you could have given much more dear."

      Oh Lord, please know that I do love you more than I can say.
      I want desperately to see your face one sweet day.
      Oh my, what a beautiful and gorgeous day that will be,
      When my sweet, loving Jesus I will finally see.

      Lord, before I say goodnight, could I feel your arms around me?
      The reason I'm asking is, I don't get many hugs you see.
      Oh Lord Jesus, I never dreamed a hug could feel like this.
      If there was any way possible Lord, I would give you a kiss.

      Well, goodnight Jesus, and please know that I love you.
      Thank you for being so loving and sweet, but most of all for being true.
      You know, I'm looking to be able to see your face someday,
      That would be an out of this world experience I'd have to say. :-)

[ by: V. Elaine Ables © 2002 ( -- submitted by: V. Elaine Ables ]


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