My Thorn

Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
He gave His life for me.
He saved me from eternal doom.
Without Him, where would I be?

I would be forever lost and
would never look on His face.
For I wouldnít make it to heaven,
rather damnation, I would taste.

I am thankful for Godís mercy,
and His loving abundant grace.
His ever constant love for me
gives me strength for all I face.

But I have a thorn within me
which pricks me with daily doubts.
Iíve asked God to remove it,
but Heís yet to take it out.

I know not why He leaves it here
within my heart and soul,
but I trust He knows whatís best for me,
and one day I will be told.

I know itís here for a purpose,
since He hasnít answered my prayers.
It could be His way of reminding me
I need to always rely on His care.

Iím going to face many problems
as I live my daily life.
The thorn could be a reminder to me,
Godís here to ease the strife.

The times I think I can handle things
without asking God to guide,
the thorn could be my reminder
not to be lead by my own pride.

When I look around at others
and I desire to be like them.
The thorn is my reminder,
I should instead be more like Him.

God wants the very best for me.
He planned my life before my birth.
He must feel I need this thorn
to stay within His will on earth.

Whenever I move away from the Lord,
and I feel a sharp stinging pain,
Iíll know itís my thorn reminding me
to return to Godís side again.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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