My Turning Point

A friend of mine came by one day
And shared an old, old story.
He spoke to me of God's great love.
He spoke of heaven's glory.

He spoke to me of man's great need -
Forgiveness for our sin.
But if we'd open wide our heart,
Then Jesus would come in.

I thought about what this friend said;
Won'dring - could this be true?
Then, on my knees, I prayed, "Dear God,
I want this life brand new."

And in that instant Jesus came,
Right straight into my heart.
There, in His presence oh so real,
I knew He'd not depart.

My sins, completely washed away,
My step, a whole lot lighter,
A wave of love washed over me,
And ev'rything seemed brighter.

In that one eternal instant,
My life forever changed;
Priorities turned upside down;
Desires were rearranged.

Now ev'ry day I realize,
When life seems out of joint,
I can concentrate on Jesus -
He is my Turning Point!

[ by Neil G. Thompson, copyright 2/15/94 -- from 'Themestream' ]


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