"My Wedding"

      I am planning my wedding, it's a story I need to tell,
      I heard about this man, from those who knew Him well.

      They told me that He loved me, and wanted me for his bride,
      That He would love me forever, and keep me by His side.

      I was reluctant to meet Him, not knowing what to expect,
      I had been loved by others, and knew the feeling of reject.

      They told me that He was differen't, than any man I've ever met,
      If I would just say yes to Him, I'd never have a regret.

      I wanted them to leave me alone, and just let me be,
      The more I thought about it, this man I wanted to see.

      No one had mentioned Him to me in quiet a long time,
      I began to think about Him often, picturing Him to be mine.

      I decided I wanted to know Him, to see if their words were true,
      I didn't know how I would meet Him, and wondered what I would do.

      One day I was out walking, I began to think about Him so much,
      I thought someone was close to me, so close I could feel His touch,

      Oh so suddenly it happened, He started talking to me,
      My heart melted within me, and I fell down at His knee.

      He reached down those nail-scarred hands, and pulled me to His breast,
      No one had ever been so gentle as He -- He was the very best.

      The moment I said yes to Him, I had such peace in my heart,
      I had joy and adoration, I wish I'd known Him from the start.

      The wedding will be soon now, I invite everyone of you,
      If you want this kind of Marriage, I will share this groom with you.

      There'll be robes for all who come, the best wine will be poured,
      We will have the best time we've ever had, all in one accord.

      I was eager to tell my story, to all who'd like to hear,
      For the day of the coming of our Groom, I believe is very near.


[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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