Never Say Never

Your heart is never so out of tune
you cannot sing a new song.
Your light is never so tiny a spark
it cannot ignite and burn strong.

Your laughter is never so hollow
it cannot burst at the seams.
Your spirit is never so broken
you cannot rebuild all your dreams.

Your vision is never so out of focus
you cannot see your way clear.
Your courage is never so locked away
you cannot break free from your fear.

Your love is never so tiny a stream
it cannot flow with a force.
Your soul is never so drifted away
it cannot get back on its course.

Your faith is never so lost in a storm
it cannot sail high on the seas.
Your prayers are never so long forgotten
you cannot get down on your knees.

You hope is never so far from memory
you cannot have total recall.
Your will is never so shaken and weak
you cannot survive a hard fall.

Your life is never so worthless a thing
you cannot bring dignity to it.
Your day is never so empty a void
you cannot fill up and renew it.

Your 'nevers' are never so final
you cannot reach out for the bliss,
the peace, protection and safety,
the anchor of God's sacred kiss.

[ Terri McPherson © 2001 ( -- from Andy Chap ]


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