New Awareness

      The sound of my alarm clock buzzes at me from the dark,
      Off into the distance I can hear a strange dog bark.
      I reach to turn the buzzing off but hit the snooze instead,
      And then I slowly roll back over staying there in bed.

      My thoughts come flooding back again from deep in my sublime,
      Reality comes racing back to where I am in time.
      As my thoughts arrange themselves and my head starts to clear,
      I once again think of the things that caused this country fear.

      I slowly rise to meet the day and now I must get dressed,
      But I can't put my finger on just what has me depressed.
      What happened now has taken place and we must all move on,
      But something in my life is missing; something is just gone.

      Why do I feel like I've been robbed of something very dear?
      Why do I feel so violated as I'm standing here?
      Has my life been so fast paced that I ran day to day?
      Never stopping to enjoy it while along the way?

      Have I taken life for granted thinking selfishly?
      All that was important were the things concerning me?
      As I think about the news of modern world events,
      Nothing that I piece together seems to make much sense.

      All I know is everything has changed so drastically,
      All the world is different as it changed for you and me.
      In my heart I know that it will never be the same,
      Maybe that is why I feel this deep depressing pain.

      As I stand in silence looking at the rising sun,
      Thinking of the new age that for us has just begun.
      Life as we have known it is a thing now in the past,
      We have lived a long time thinking it would always last.

      Millions feel the way I do I know I'm not alone,
      Many at this very moment are inside their home,
      Watching as the sun appears in the distant sky,
      And like me they still are searching for a reason why.

      I see through different eyes today much clearer than before,
      And wonder what the future holds as we've been forced to war.
      I guess it makes us understand as we go on our way,
      We need to be more grateful for the things we have today.

      Maybe I am letting my emotions take control,
      Or maybe something has awakened in my inner soul.
      But today the sun seems brighter as it shines on me.
      Could it be I realize what it means to be free?

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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